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      Emei Semiconductor Materials Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as: "Research institute") is located in the famous tourist resort at the foot of Mount Emei, covering about 200 acres. Mindanao is half that in October 1964 with former Ministry of Metallurgical and Shenyang Nonferrous Metal Research Institute Room 338 purity metal smelter plant-based organized China's first set of semiconductor materials research, trial production of a combination of large enterprises, are colored industry key enterprises, is one of 242 national key scientific research institutes to undertake a number of national key scientific and military special projects each year. 2013 Four qualification certification system.

      Emei Semiconductor Materials Research Institute, "high-tech enterprise" and provincial "Enterprise Technology Center", "National Defense functional crystal materials processing technology center", "Defense Industry Advanced Technology Research and Application Center (crystal material processing)," the main support units. Has provided a semiconductor material for many industrial sectors and research field of electronic information, energy, transportation, machinery and electricity. Simultaneously to our ICBMs, Sea Launch launch vehicles, satellites, Beijing Electron Positron Collider and spacecraft Shenzhou No. 5, No. 6, etc. provided critical materials for national defense industry has made important contributions to many times by the CPC Central Committee , the State Council, the Central Military Commission and relevant ministries informed recognition.

      Research institute, Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Sichuan University of Petroleum, Chengdu University of Technology research base, the national post-doctoral research station.

      After nearly 50 years of exploration and development, Mindanao and a half has formed silicon material, high (ultra) pure metal materials, compound semiconductor materials and high-purity gases, high purity reagents, solar stent, silicone and silicone tubes boat six product series product of more than 650 varieties and specifications.